Virtual Museum of Childhood was unveiled

Virtual Museum of Childhood was unveiled

The project of founding childhood museum began following an extensive collection of objects related to children's entertainment from the ancient times until 1979.‎ In 2010, the Institute decided to launch the Virtual Museum of Childhood based on the collections provided.‎

Museum of Childhood is available at the Internet address “”, including an extensive collection of toys, dolls, educational documents, clothing and tools.‎ For all objects and documents, the image of which can be found on the website, there is complete identity information as well as personal memories of the donor.‎

Participants in this exhibition were also introduced to other projects of the Research Institute on Children's Literature such as Reading Promotion Project "Read with me", Book packages of "Read with me", Ketabak, books of children's literature and creative child-centered education.‎

 Vida Mohammadi

کانال تلگرام موسسه پژوهشی تاریخ ادبیات کودکان