Children & Puppets Museum Opens in Tehran

Children & Puppets Museum Opens in Tehran

  Children & Puppets Museum has officially opened in Tehran’s Cultural/Historical Complex of Golestan Palace.‎

puppets used in Traditional theaters as well as toys from different parts of Iran in addition to puppets of the traditional theater “Ji Ji Bi Ji” are among the collection of this museum.‎ These Ji Ji Bi Ji puppets are more than 100 years old.‎ Children and the young adults can benefit from all the cultural activities of Children & Puppets Museum of Golestan Palace once per week.‎

Cultural activities of the Golestan Palace paves the ground for raising the awareness of the children in the field of arts and Iranian culture.‎ The museum will be useful for the  researchers in childhood studies.‎

Monavar Khalaj


کانال تلگرام موسسه پژوهشی تاریخ ادبیات کودکان