Research Library

The Research Library was established in 2000, along with the Institute. In the beginning, the library’s role was to support the information needs of the research group working on the history of children’s literature. After two years the institute started organizing the research library and information center on the history of Iranian children's literature. Today the library has more than 18 thousand categorized information sources.
The most important subjects covered by the library are literature, children’s literature, education, history, art and sociology. The sources are original, scanned or copied.

The library has a rich collection of information resources about children" and "for children" , including: books, articles, periodicals, documents, thesis, reports, pamphlets, photos, cassettes and records, and microfilm.

A part of the library is allocated to the original photos, old toys and other children’s belongings until the future National Museum of Children’s Culture and Literature is established.

The library’s Children’s books date from the beginning of publishing houses’ start in Iran during the Constitutional Era to 1978.  Secondary resources include all reference books, regardless of date. All these sources can be accessed through software called "Pars Azarakhsh." Anyone interested in Iran or around the world can access this information through Iranak: The Database for Children's Culture and Literature in Iran.

Research Library Research Library


At the present, there are almost eight thousand titles in Farsi, Kurdish, Turkey, Armenian and Assyrian. The new titles are purchased by the Institute or donated by its supporters.
The oldest book in the library is titled "Ketab Hasanein" and was published in 1847. The library also has a unique edition of "Talim Al Atfal" written by Meftaholmolk in 1913.
There are nearly 7,000 books in Farsi, Armenian, Assyrian, Kurdish and Turkish; 4,000 articles, 400 periodicals, 600 historical documents, 4,000 photographs (original and scanned), more than 100 cassettes of interviews with children's book writers, illustrators and experts in addition to more than 15,000 bibliographic records of children's books and articles.

Books Books


The library has a collection of nearly 400 periodicals, original, scanned or copies, including children's and adolescents' magazines and newspapers and adults' magazines which allocated some pages or columns to children. These periodicals’ information can be accessed through Pars Azarakhsh and Iranak: The Database for Children's Culture and Literature in Iran.
The oldest children's magazine in the library’s archives is a scanned copy of “Al-Adab” which was published by Mohammad Vafadar beginning in 1917 while “Nounahalan” is the oldest original magazine the library preserves. This magazine was published every 2 weeks by the Embassy of Great Britain Embassy from 1935 to 1945.
In addition to these periodicals, the library has indexed more than 4,000 articles which have been taken from old periodicals to be used by the research group for preparing the different volumes of “History of Children's Literature in Iran." The copies of these articles are accessible through Pars Azarakhsh and Iranak.

Periodicals Periodicals

Audio and Video Material

This collection includes more than 4,000 photo graphs( original and scanned), 200 audio cassettes ( interviews with children's literature experts, writers, illustrators and translators) , 20 micro film rings, more than 50 records, 40 films, 20 antique stamps, 200 exhibition banners and posters. This collection can be accessed through "Pars Azarakhsh" and Iranak.

Audio and Video Material