About Us

The Institute for Research on History of Children’s Literature in Iran (IRHCLI)is a non -governmental and non-profit organization founded in 2000 by enthusiastic researchers in the field of children’s literature.   Since then, the institute has engaged in valuable national and international activities.
The office is located in Tehran and is staffed by regular employees as well as volunteers.
The IRHCLI is funded through donations, publications and implementation of cultural projects.  Any income gained by the Institute is spent on expanding goals and further achievements.

Our Goals

  • Lay the groundwork for and expand historical research on the culture and literature of Iranian children
  • Promote and develop childhood studied at the national level
  • Collect, restore and make use of valuable historical information on the cultural life of Iranian children
  • Collect children’s books and journals from Iranian ethnic groups, from the time the printing industry was introduced in Iran to 1979
  • Train young researchers
  • Expand the research library on the history of children’s literature     
  • Establish cultural links between the community of children’s literature researchers in Iran and their international counterparts
  • Found the Iranian national museum of children’s culture and literature
  • Design, implement and expand information technology projects in children’s culture and literature
  • Support and publish fundamental and practical research on children’s culture