Ketabak is a virtual center for reading promotion founded in 2007 by The Institute for Research on the History of Children's Literature (IRHCLI), in collaboration with The House of Librarians for the Promotion of Reading among Children and Young People , a cultural center affiliated with the Children's Book Council of Iran.
IRHCLI was established in 2000, as a non-governmental organization dedicated to conducting research on history of children’s literature in Iran.   In 1997, IRCHLI began an extensive research project.   The outcome of the project is now spread over 10 volumes of “The History of Children’s Literature in Iran”, of which volumes 1 to 7 have been published to date.
The main objective of "Ketabak" as a virtual Institute is to provide information and resources on reading promotion, books and related activities for all Farsi language speaking families, teachers and librarians, in Iran and around the world.
This virtual Institute has 2 main sections, “News” and “Reading promotion”. The News section is focused on special issues including culture and education, children's rights and health, along with other topics related to children's lives around the world.
The second section “Reading promotion”, is focused on the news about reading promotion. It  reflects the latest information about reading motivation activities around the world.
 Ketabak users have the chance to become familiar with Iranian and international writers and illustrators, master translators in Iran, international and Iranian Institutes, libraries, prizes and museums.  Ketabak provides information on valuable and successful international experiences in reading motivation, including Asahi winners.
Ketabak has a library section that introduces quality new books in various genres and for different age groups to parents, teachers and librarians.  The best reference books on children's literature and children's periodicals are introduced on this website.  Users can find a collection of some hundred articles and interviews on reading promotion and children's literature on the Ketabak site.   
Bibliotherapy is one of the most appealing and important parts of Ketabak. Users can  find the best and useful books to share with the children who are faced with different challenges.
Every week the members of Ketabak receive a newsletter with the latest news and reports of the week, in addition to the most recent articles and materials uploaded on the site. 
Ketabak has an English section which provides information in two areas:  (1) News on reading promotion, and (2) Related activities in Iran, information on Iranian children's libraries and institutions working on children's culture, history and literature.
English language readers can browse the titles of international news translated to Farsi on "News of the world for Iran, to get a sense of the news Iranian readers are getting from around the world.