Director of "One Thousand and One Nights" visited IRHCLI

Director of  "One Thousand and One Nights" visited IRHCLI

On Tuesday  of May 4th  2010 Sayedeh Bassarat Kazim, the director of the Cultural & Education Institute of "One Thousand & One Nights"(Alif Laila) was the special guest of The Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature in Iran (IRHCLI).

This non-profit organization which is located in Lahore is the national section of IBBY in Pakistan, which along with international activities it brings awareness and promotes reading among children through various activities in Pakistan.
During her visit of IRHCLI, Sayedeh Bassarat was familiarized with the Institute’s database For Children's Culture and Literature of Iran( Iranak) , the new  project called "Study of Childhood " which has recently launched in Institute and Ketabak Site.
 Later Bassarat spoke with the colleagues at the Institute about education and cultural development of children in Pakistan.  As the main goals of her institute, she pointed out to the importance of developing children's abilities and significance of promoting critical thinking among children.  Major achievements of Alif Laila are establishment of three children and young adult's libraries in Lahore, two mobile bus libraries and a reference library where they provide computer training as well as other skills to the children to better equip them for their future life. Alif Laila also has extensive activities focused on promotion of reading, creative education, rights of the child, and environmental issues. They also work closely with the International Save the Children's Fund in Pakistan.
This visit was a great opportunity for both Pakistani and Iranian organizations to exchange their valuable experience with each other.