The story of the metal school bag and a historical conversation

Isa Geranmayeh

Last year when a metal school bag attracted everyone's attention in the Education Museum in Esfahan, the research team at the Institute decided to look for Isa Geranmayeh, the person who had donated the bag to the museum, and conduct an interview with him. Not having the time to travel to Esfahan delayed the interview and time passed.  
Until recently when Mandana Razavizadeh, supervisor of the research team prepared herself to  travel to Maymeh, 80 kilometers from Esfahan where Isa Geranmayeh lives. This is a town with alleys covered with red earth and houses made of red mud. Isa Geranmayeh is born in 1302 (1923) and has unique and fascinating memories of his childhood and  his schooling. The primary school he attended is considered to be one of the oldest schools in Iran. Isa Geranmayeh is a prominent persons in his town and a member of the town council. He had many tales about the education and health condition of the children in Maymeh. He also explained the efforts he and other citizens made to improve  the basic living facilities in their home town. Valuable information was obtained through the conversation with Isa Geranmayeh; about his childhood, conditions under which children received education in Maymeh at that time, children's clothing and educational facilities, all of which are crucial to the research being conducted on "Childhood" at the Institute.